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How can Nextion button enable disable by Arduino

Hello. I am using Aduino Mega 2560 with Nextion Enhanced touch lcd. I am facing a problem that's How can Nextion button enable and disable by Arduino mega. Your comment will be very useful for me.


reading the Nextion-Instruction-Set carefully and all becames more "visible" ...


How to send command like tsw 5,0 through arduino?please send me one example code asap
sorry, this is a public forum, where peoples help is voluntary ...

begging for code with the attribute "asap" is surely not the way to get such ...

    - read the documentation by yourself ...
    - use the SEARCH by yourself ...
    - study the already posted examples by yourself ...

everything you ask for is already handled within many postings ... you only must read them ...


See the code for the Iteadlib Arduino Nextion Library

 - NexHardware.cpp 

// Send command to Nextion.
// @param cmd - the string of command.
void sendCommand(const char* cmd)  {
    while (nexSerial.available())


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