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eWeLink and limited devices for Scene


I have lot of Sonoff devices in use and the Scene funcion is great!

I found that when I start to create new Scene (Add Scene) and try to add new devices (Execute Devices) , then I can see (add) only 19 sonoff devices. However I have more sonoff devices added to my ewelink. I can control them freely one by one, but I cant add them to Scene. Is there some kind of limitation in eWeLink software?   

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Seems that issue is not the number of devices .... I deleted one device from my list and now I can operate with 18 sonoff devices from Scene point of view. When I add now new device - I m not able to add this device to existing Scene. I deleted all scenes and tried to start from the beginning. Result: I have 21 devices on my device list, but I can use only 18 of them in Scenes. This is a bit confusing ...

Does anyone have seen the same problem? 

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