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Nextion Editor - User MCU Return Data

Can someone please advise how this feature works please and when it is invoked. I can find nothing in the manuals nor on a forum search

Ideally I would like the editor ( in Debug Mode) to connect to my MCU via the PC so I can see a two way transfer of data ie Simulator Return Data sent to selected Serial Port and the reply from my MCU displayed in the User Return Data and better still acting on the Debug HMI as if it was an Instruction.  This would greatly aid debugging without downloading every change to a real Nextion

In order to invoke the User MCU Return Data

 - switch from Keyboard Input .... to .... "User MCU Input"

Select COM, BAUD for MCU, and Start.

However, Nextion Debug is for debugging syntax

It is not a Cortex Emulator

So basics at lower speed (as Windows will interfere with) 

   should be rough representation

High speed, high load, is not expected to be exact.

Yes thanks for that

I asked because I had seen the keyboard/MCU selector pane on the Editor Wiki. However I cannot see it  on my debug screen... and I thought that there maybe had been a change without the documentation keeping up

 I am using version 0.47   See below


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