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Request for DS3231 RTC for Nextions

Internal Real Time Clock (RTC) is very inaccurate

Nextion Real Time Clock (RTC) is very inaccurate. I tested for 2 days and the clock was 5.3 seconds behind the correct time (using as the reference), compare to the DS3231 module (with arduino) that was only 0.2 second ahead. Both devices were kept side by side, in a closet where the temperature was very constant between 26.7°C and 27.4°C.

I did the test in two different occasions: one leaving both devices running only with a fresh coin battery on each device, and a second time leaving the devices powered ON the entire test (plus the coin battery). Both results were the same.


That’s 16 minutes per year, more or less depending on the temperature. Don’t you guys think is pretty bad? How much would it cost to put a decent RTC with temperature compensation?


Or do you think I got a defective unit?

As a Feature Request 

 - who the heck wants a "very inaccurate" RTC

Report in Free Chat section of the forum for discussions

Ok, I just report it on the free chat section. Although I post it here as a feature request because I want the future nextions (enhanced) to have a temperature compensated RTC.

Free Chat discussion is

We can wait and see how may will up-vote the request portion.

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