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No wifi autoreconnection in case wifi signal lost

when the wifi signal of home lan is lost for some reason and then re-established... the sonoff cannot automatically reconnect to the wifi! the only way to reconnect is to reset the sonoff. Is it a problem with my sonoff only or is it a general problem that should be addressed by a firmware upgrade (eg enhancement the sonoff firmware with an autosearch for wifi feature in case wifi connection is lost)?

2 people have this problem

Hi, We have same problem. Some Sonoff basic (1 channel) lost wi fi connections, and only solutions is go to the site and resete Sonoff and inmediately works ok. Is there any solutions for this issue ?. Thanks.

We are recieving reports from customers of no reconnect after loss of wifi. I need an explanation to give to our customers.

I also have the same problem, all devices areff disconnect when WiFi is missing and do not reconnect when WiFi returns. Is a solution possible?
Same problem here but also if internet goes down the wifi stays up ie is exchange problem dose not log back onto server have to reset every sonoff device

They are silent, do not answer. Do not do anything about it! All of them have a problem with this! At least in Russia, everyone swears at it.

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