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No wifi autoreconnection in case wifi signal lost

when the wifi signal of home lan is lost for some reason and then re-established... the sonoff cannot automatically reconnect to the wifi! the only way to reconnect is to reset the sonoff. Is it a problem with my sonoff only or is it a general problem that should be addressed by a firmware upgrade (eg enhancement the sonoff firmware with an autosearch for wifi feature in case wifi connection is lost)?

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Hi, We have same problem. Some Sonoff basic (1 channel) lost wi fi connections, and only solutions is go to the site and resete Sonoff and inmediately works ok. Is there any solutions for this issue ?. Thanks.

We are recieving reports from customers of no reconnect after loss of wifi. I need an explanation to give to our customers.

I also have the same problem, all devices areff disconnect when WiFi is missing and do not reconnect when WiFi returns. Is a solution possible?
Same problem here but also if internet goes down the wifi stays up ie is exchange problem dose not log back onto server have to reset every sonoff device

They are silent, do not answer. Do not do anything about it! All of them have a problem with this! At least in Russia, everyone swears at it.

I use sonoff TH and sonoff basic in the same network. From time to time internet connection is lost but wifi intranet works fine. If I am at the same wifi network I can manage sonoff basic in "offline mode", but no way to manage TH devices. After internet connection is back again - only sonoff basic is accessible via ewelink, they automatically reconnect themselves to the cloud server. But sonoff TH never reconnects back until I switch their power off and on. I see that TH devices obtain their IP normally, even after router reboot, they get same IP, I can also see their wifi strength of signal, however none of TH devices are not even trying to reconnect to ewelink server. I think it is not included in current firmware version and I (and many other users) will appreciate if Itead team will fix it.

I've been having this issue for months now and of course, the folks at ITEAD are of no help.  Anyway, I spent the last few days experimenting and noticed something that leads me to believe that there are a bad batch of these switches.  I am referring to the T1 series of switches - which I have deployed extensively at home.  When I turn off my wifi AP and turn it back on, it seems the same few switches do not reconnect.  What I have to do is to either delete and re-pair the switch or open the front panel and force a reset.  So, there seems to be a bug but when I approached ITEAD, they of course conveniently blamed by network / router.  

I have the same problem with some of my switches. If I loose the internet connection for a long period of time, only half of my Sonoff devices will reconnect. The other half will sit doing the double LED flash indefinitely, until I turn the power off, then back on to the SonOff.

It would make sense to me that the Sonoff devices should continue looking for the wifi connection to be restored permanently, and should not stop trying to re-connect after a few minutes



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