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Nextion display possibly damaged by low voltage

I bought a Nextion enhanced 7" display and received it a few weeks ago. I have been using it since then without a problem. However today, when I had it powered from my PC's USB port as ussual I noticed after some time that the display is showing only a white screen with a few darker stripes on the left side of the display. I unplugged the display and tried powering it again, including from other reliable sources of power, but the display from now on always shows just a white screen with those stripes which appear after some time, or don't appear at all. 

After that I tried downloading another "program" from Nextion editor to the display using USB-UART adapter and according to Nextion Editor the download was successful, but the display kept on showing the same thing.

After that I tried to figure out what the problem was and initially I thougt it was some possible solder bridges on the flat cable connector but I'm not so sure, if this is causing it anymore.

After having no luck again I plugged the display back into the USB port of my PC and measured the voltage on the display and found out it was only 4.0V. I also measured the current, which was around ~700mA.

So I'm now suspecting that the display was somehow damaged by too low voltage.

I would apreciate, if anyone has any idea, whether that is what damaged the display and if I can somehow fix it or not.

There is also still a possibility that the problem is caused by bridged pins on the connectors, so I would appreciate if someone who owns the same display could take a look at if this is normal or not.

A video of the display being powered on is available on the following link


Thank you for your help and sorry for my english, as I am not a native speaker.



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Highlighted in photo - is connected together by design.

Datasheet shows in the most visual of manners

  to power with sufficient supply and the warns of consequence is not.


For the 7" a 5V/2A supply is recommended. 

A PC USB port can supply 500mA, well under the recommended supply.



This is also told in the Nextion FAQs, albeit, less visually.

Also in Announcements thread

Blurred screen? Flashing? You may suffer from power shortages

So try the recommended 5V/2A

  and connected as per the diagram with the test plug that came in Nextion Box.

Perhaps you may be lucky enough that it will live again.

Do not be surprised if Nextion limps, it has been stressed in ways it shouldn't have.

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