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How do i create a color picker

I would like to create a color picker. 

I would like to select a color from a color wheel and have this color displayed on the nextion.

I was hoping this could be done localy on the hmi then push the selection to my arduino with the press of a button.

I can' t see a way to read x,y touch points locally.

The only way I can imagine to do what i want is:

-load an image

-sendxy to arduino for every press on my color wheel image

-have arduino set a nextion button color based on this 

Any other ways to do this?


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I have another way using sliders over a H/S/L map however it will require me to convert in nextion  H/S/L (decimal 240/240/240 to decimal value so I can set bc for buttons to this value.

Anyone know how to do this?


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