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Nextion button to reset Arduino

I want to reset Arduinowith Nextion button

does it possible?

I can't find information about that 

maybe i get wrong keyword

hope guys could tell me 

thanks in advance

Nextion Button

Button Touch Event

Nextion Return Data

... is covered

MCU side is MCU dependent and out of scope for this forum 

Software approach: First step is to write a function (subroutine) in your Arduino sketch which restarts your Arduino when called. Second step is to use this subroutine as a callback function for a button press event with the help of the nextion library. Hardware approach: Connect the reset pin of your MCU to a GPIO pin of the nextion enhanced display. Configure that pin an drive it high in page0 preinit event. Drive it low for 20ms from Button press event. This variant is universal and can be used without Arduino or whatever MCU code
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