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Pop callback no longer working after swap of Arduino Mega 2560 to Arduino Due

Hello everyone,

Fews days before I started to got some weird problem on my system because I ran out of ram on the MEGA so I didn't have choice to swap it to the Due.

I made a lot of tested and I can confirm that RX/TX communication work perfectly. I tried to put a piece of code inside void loop function to read something inside the screen and return value inside a text file. It work fine

So It's really weird that it's only all Pop callback function that are no longer working...

I deleted both NexUpload file because I read on another post that if I dont need it it better to delete it!

I'm using a working code from my previous Mega 2560. All buttons worked in the past so there are configured the same. The code compile fine without any error.

I tried with different serial port with the same results.

There is somebody had similar problem? I'm triing to figure out if it came from the librairy or from other piece of code. 

In case there is no solution, I think it's possible to read the serial without Popcallback and use if statement for each button ?

It's clearly something from the Due board that is different from Mega but after I read a lot I'm not able to find the problem! I know that Due board didn't have interrupt function so is Pop Callback used some kind of Interrupt? 

I saw few people who did similar swap like me, maybe they had the same problem! All hint will be apreciate.

Thank you

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I do not recall having any issues with Iteadlib and Due.

 - caution needs to be made including any libraries

Mega is an AVR and Due is an ARM

 - libs made for Mega may have issues if any AVR dependencies.

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