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Send Value of EEPROM to arduino

How I Can send the numbers or text saved in EEPROM memory of NEXTION TFT to arduino using the library for Arduino.

Can I use commands rept and wept ?. Any code for Arduino to make this.


Arduino C++ comes already with many commands

Serial.print(), Serial.write(),, Serial.available() ...etc

Sprinkled in with some while, for and variable assignments

View the code of library, I create this code:

char buffer[4] = {0};

 uint32_t number;

cmd = "";

cmd = "rept 500,4";




number = buffer[0]+(buffer[1]<<8)+(buffer[2]<<16)+(buffer[3]<<24); 

but, this code not good. In the terminal I can see this message:


recvRetCommandFinished err

which is the problem?

I need help. Thanks.

recvRetCommandFinished is status - err means last command failed

recvRetString [0,4] is result of recvString - 0 means 0 bytes of 4 possible read

serial connected? underflow error?

Did you wait for response or read before ready?

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