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sleep mode nextion

Hello! I have nextion NX8048K070_11. when I turn on sleep mode (sleep=1), and touch screen, he send coordinates in port, but I don't need this. may I fix this? and how? 

P.S. sendxy=0 and thdra=0 don't work in this mode 

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Nextion Instruction Set :: System Variables Section :: Nextion Return Data

 - configure for your needs

0x67 0x68 are controlled by sendxy


This makes little sense

Can you upload your HMI so we can get a context

Yes! this my file

(69.2 KB)

This isn't the model you stated

problem that function "sendxy=0" don't work in sleep mode. And after push button "БЛОКИРОВКА" nextion going on sleep mode but when I touch, he send coordinates. I don't need this, because I want remote working with him 

2.8" for tests & debug

7.0" for full finished project

On 7.0" data uploading is too long. 2.8" work fast

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