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IFTTT integration

What a pleasant surprise to find that Google Home integration is now working with Sonoff devices. After linking eWeLink with Google Home, I can now perform these functions:

- turn on/off lights, coffee, tv/stereo, etc just by simple voice commands

- with Google Home's room function, I can say turn off Kitchen and the whole kitchen shuts down - lights, coffee, and other cookers obey in one command.

So the next step in home automation will be integration with IFTTT. With this, a whole new range of wondrous capabilities can happen:

- turn on/off lights, tv/stereo, heater/AC, etc. automatically when you go/leave home

- log device activities in Google spreadsheets for later analysis

- turn on heaters at home or in green room, etc. when weather reports say it's getting cold

- many-many more

Please Itead make this happen and your devices will be in greater use and demand.

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We need Sonoff to play nice with IFTTT to create applets!

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This should number 1 on Sonoff's list of things to do it will expand their appeal greatly.

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IFTTT is the most comprehensive add-on that can be added to the Sonoff ecosystem. It will provide untouched new opportunities if implemented.

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