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Car Onboard Computer via Nextion

Hi friends. 

I almost finished my project. I designed a lot of  modification modules for my car.

Some of these modules are GSM-GPS, Right Mirror Tilt System, Headlight Sensor, Follow me Home, Comfort Blinker, Seat Heater, Seat Massager, Info(temperature and liquid level) System, Car Window Closing, RPM and Speed Gage Monitor, etc.

All these modules can be controlled by my nextion and control module. I shared a video to show to you on youtube.

I uploaded 6 videos. But first video include English subtitle. I will add subtitle my other videos as soon as possible. I will update this post when I add new feature.

You can make offer to do best.


First video: Introduce My Project.


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Cause many Nextion users live in areas where there is no YouTube.
streaming mp4 videos preferred.  

This is Nextion Gallery Material if you like to post there
  - you are hereby invited and welcome to

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