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Please change 0.47 startup when "failed to connect server..."

0.47 of IDE, when it fails to connect to server will not allow you to edit your screens unless you do the following:

1.  Click on project.  This opens project in window that can not be edited.  

2.  There are no menus showing.  Don't give up, this is a bug that can be overcome.

3.  Click on instructions at top of window screen, next to Display.   This causes menus to be shown.

4.  Click on Setting.

5.  Click on Reset Layout.

  After this you can edit your program.

Please make "reset layout" the default when you cannot connect to server.

Sorry for the inconviences

 - Nextion site is being worked for a facelift and an error occurred.

Understanding this issue more

 - you left your resources in the cloud

CLOUD not supported

When files are LOCAL as required by LOCAL software under Windows Operating System

 - then there is no issue, this has been tested and does not product results you speak.

Again cloud is not, has never been, and will not be in any near future supported.

Nextion FAQs.

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