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nextion ide does not allow edit

 When the ide fails to connect to the server over the internet, you are unable to edit your project.

Our project will generate between 100 and 200 nextion display sales per year.

 Why can't we do development offline?

Because of this, we will finish this project, if your server ever comes back online, but we will look for alternatives to your product because we have to have the ability to develop even if the internet is down.   Especially for Government projects!

Not a Bug.  Offline is indeed the default and only supported method

- this will be deleted.

When a Government project allows for "the project" to be stored in the cloud on remote servers, then "Government project" has little value and importance.  Such use of "Especially for Government projects!" is meaningless.

When "Government projects" have any value, then the staff chosen to complete and work on those projects should also have been weighed into the project.  When user doesn't know how to "transfer-from-remote", work on, "transfer-from-local" the completed work, I would not have hired them.  If this is not a user error but a Government Security measure, then not being able to access the remote secured Government server may be Government policy for why locally stored project is not permitted.  So if a user doesn't understand their employer's policies - I also would not have hired them, Sorry.

But to try to blame Nextion for this is a public BUG Report and not know the difference between Windows LOCAL software and cloud based behaviours, I would not only have not hired them to begin with, but would begin to question the if they are right for the project at all.  Sorry, from what you describe is not knowing basic behaviours of the Internet, your Windows operating system needed for running the Nextion Editor, and perhaps a violation of work policies.

"Especially for Government projects!"

But this is not a BUG, and will be closed.