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Hello all,

Imagine, I buy a car and the user manual says press a button to start. Caution: Press the start button only! Then I have a problem, I do not dare to start the car. I ask the seller for advice and he says, "read the instruction manual!". This is a comparison with the Nextion User's Guide. On this site I read many questions answered as "read the instruction manual!". But the questions, so I notice, arise because the instructions are not finished! For example: There are quite a few questions about the baud rate. When you read the operating instructions, it says that the default setting is 9600. You can change this, for example, by writing baud (s) = 115200. This is not complete! See this page: Https://

This page makes it better for this section:

Link not yet valid

Note: on rare occasions bauds has become lost. It is recommended to specify bauds = 9600 in the first page's Preinitialization Event of HMI. 

But all other instructions given are not telling how and where to use them. Thus, it would be an improvement to complete the examples so to tell how and where the rule should be applied.

The above is not meant to be critical but as an opportunity for improvement!



Thanks Ben,

This link is not yet live. I did spend the time to rewrite the Nextion Instruction Set omitting errors. 

It also contains some things in the upcoming version of the Nextion Editor

that are invalid in the current 0.47 version shit as bit-shifts

However.  Where to use is not part of an instruction set.

When an MCU says it has an instruction JMP it does not give the hundreds of

applications that JMP can be used in appropriately or inappropriately.

So, this is a community. 

  I will not be personally spending time to build such an algorithm book.

     such resources already exist in many places on the Internet.

  The Nextion Instruction Set remains language independent

      I will not be making a Pascal Version, a Basic Version, an ANSI-C Version

But as a community

   Then members of the community are certainly welcome to add to the community

Important to read the existing


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