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Addition to the previously written

Addition to the previously written: The instruction manual tells us that the default baud rate is 9600. Until now, I do not know where I can read, for example, the current speed at a change. I would like to know this because I have to be able to check that the previously given instruction performed correctly



This,the piece above  is a supplement to a previously described question that has gone away?

Actually, this is not entirely the question I asked. What I asked was to complete the instruction manual. For example: bauds = 115200 isn't so ueseful when unknown is where and how to place it in the editor.

In fact, I ask to describe the examples as completely as possible. It would care a lot of needless questions.

Hopefully a useful proposal?



Important to read the existing.

Without becoming a librarian:


Thank you, Patrick for your response.


But this is not my question. I have read this. My problem is, and many with me, you often do not know where to put such a command down. (Now I know this myself, btw.) Furthermore, it appears that more needs to be done. Apparently in the NexHardware.cpp there have to be changes, but what exactly do I read very different opinions about. Therefore, it would be good to describe what, where and how commands should be executed as clearly as possible.

Sorry, the question might be unclear. I gave some examples in a previous post that unfortunately was not posted.

Anyway, thanks for the response!





One can not be told where to put a command in an instruction set

This would be akin to trying to tell a painter how they can use red

Or when and where a palate knife is used in their painting, or charcoal

The Nextion HMI design starts with a blank canvas, this is a creative.

Now then there is the logic side:

1) - simply define what you want to do

2) - how will you do it, what steps will be required

3) - when should each step be done

4) - when such a plan is worked out, then program for each step.

When a step is to complex break it down at #1 to 4

This is known as Top Down design.

But since there are so many programming sites and resources elsewhere

   it doesn't make sense to duplicate them here on Itead's resources

Code Academy, Rosetta project (code algorithms), Wikipedia

Read up about Branching, Loops and Iterations, Conditionals

But an Instruction Set (of Nextion or of any other CPU/MCU)

 - is like walking into a hardware store with nails, screws and wood

 - they also won't teach when to use which screw or what nail

Your instruction set is all the tools available to use

 - some projects will use very few, others perhaps many.

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