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To send a string when I press a button from Nextion Editor


I'm starting to use Nextion Editor and I do not know if it's possible. 


I would like to send a string when I press a button on a particular page from Nextion Editor. How can I do it?


Another question is how can I get data when the external device sends an ACK to nextion, is it possible?


I do not know if there are things in the forum of this topic, I have not had time to read everything, it is a topic that I need urgently.

Thank you so much in advance

    - search for print
    - search for click
    - search for get

quick search = quick result ...


With commands always appear Double click to jump to code 

sorry for the inconvenience

what do you mean?


Means I have problems implementing the code in Nextion Editor anb I always see this error when compiling, Can you give me an example? To prove it


so, just double click and the editor even jump to your error in code ...

double click, check, correct ...

without see your hmi code, I guess nobody is able to help ...

But you tell me  that is possible that when I press the button (b0, the component button) I can send the string that I want? It is right?

Have you ever done it?

read the Nextion Instruction set ... and maybe "print<h>" it out ...

in the time you waste for posting you already could read the instruction set twice ...



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