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In communicate nextion screen with arduino programming with LDMICRO


Hello, good evening I'm doing a project with screen nextion and arduino programming with LDMICRO, the code is test to receive data by the serial port, my question is if I can use the nextion screen to make this communication in my project...

First stop spamming the Forum with multiple posts.

I will return to your issue when I have clean up your mess.

The short answer is Yes.

The Nextion is a TTL Serial HMI device, as such works with

 - any MCU capable of Hardware Serial or bit-banging two digital pins

 - over 65,000 MCUs to chose from User's choice.

 - over 130 programming languages

 - many libraries exist in the wild although

     - Iteadlib Arduno Nextion Library supported here.

 - choice of Compiler is up to the user

 - choice of IDE is up to the user

 - and choice of toolchain is user choice.

As this is simple TTL Serial, then no reason why not.

 - Refer to the Nextion Instruction Set.

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