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Suggestion for forum rules

So called “Bug reports” should forcibly contain... - a HMI file which allows everybody to load it into the newest editor and to reproduce the “bug” or “problem” + (if peripherals are involved) detailed schematics and pictures of the setup + (if it’s about code or communication between MCU and Nextion) the source code file(s) plus all used libraries (zipped), so that everybody might load it into the Arduino or other IDE (for example Eclipse) and reproduce the “bug” or “problem”. IMNSHFO, this is the only way to allow a true community support. @Patrick & @Gerry, if you find this useful, feel free to “pin” and then close this thread.
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There are many things I agree with.

First off, a "Bug Report" must be a real bug of Nextion Editor or Nextion Firmware.

You might not realize it, but posts into Report A BUG interrupt my day.

 - Now I must clear my desk,

   - break open the Nextion device in question,

   - load the reported version of Nextion Editor

   - attempt to reproduce to nail down from behaviour where the BUG originates from

And upon determination of it being an actual BUG

   - send reports with procedures on reproducing this BUG


So I am indeed not a happy camper when someone posts their "I can't code" crap

  in my Report a BUG category when it is not a BUG at all.

Uploading of code in its entirety is not necessary a good idea.

 - indeed I did purchase a shiny new Hard Drive solely for Nextion issues

But this hardly means that I want to fill it with nonsense

The exportable page has been created and introduced

 - to demonstrate a true BUG does not require 32MBs of HMI

 - using a *.page file should be sufficient

But sufficient details should indeed be provided to the community to validate a Bug Claim.

 - this should perhaps be presented to the community in Free Chat

    - peer to peer review to substantiate a claim before it ends up in Report A BUG

 - more times than not, the Bug Reports have been not understanding limitations,

   coding techniques, the user chosen MCU or basic electronics

When Report A BUG is expected to be taken seriously

  - then false reportings should be attempted to be reduced

It's the old fable of the "Boy who cried Wolf" 

  - where the town folk came to aid the young lad from a wolf attack

    except there never was a wolf.

  - Soon the town folk were tired of the boys false cries, and never rushed anymore.

  - One day a real wolf attacked the boy, he cried for help, and no one came to rescue.

So I indeed appreciate when it is thoughtful to limit BUG reporting solely for BUGs

 - rather than interrupt my binge watching of Breaking Bad reruns to download 25MB files.


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