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Sim5216E Firmware Download link

Hi there, I'm currently in europ and im using the Sim5216E but the problem is that the module has a firmware for the Sim5216A and it not compatible with my network can someone please provide me with firmware for the Sim5216E please...

Can someone please assist me with above request...?

repeated pushing won't help ...
maybe you are not aware, but this is a PUBLIC forum ... answering is a free user contribution and no service ...


From where did you get your Module.

 - SIM5216E would have shipped with E firmware

 - SIM5216A would have shipped with A firmware

 - SIM5216J would have shipped with J firmware

From all that I can see:

   If user upgrade changed to A firmware (only firmware that has an upgrade available) then the onus falls onto the one who flashed the module with the new firmware.

E firmware is unfortunately not available in hex to flash and only comes on new modules.

Only viable solution I could think of is

 - for user to sell to market as used modified module with A firmware (noting contradicting label)

 - purchase shield with E shield with module (available in store)

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