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Baud rate standard setting

Hello guys,

I'm trying to change the baud rate on my nextion hmi.

I'm able to communicate with the nextion over an USB to serial convertor.

When i send the baud=115200 command and reconnect to the nextion. 

I can see it's communicating on a 115200 baud rate.

When i restart the nextion it goes back to 9600.
Is there a way to stop the baud rate going back to it's standard setting?

Thank you all!!

the "s" is your friend ...

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The Nextion Instruction Set is more than just recommended reading.

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I put bauds=115200 on a preinitialize event for my main page on my Nextion. It is now always set to 115200 until I change it.

as told, the "s" is your friend ...


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I can't see that William Mears  got any serious answer to the question.

How is reading the Nextion Instruction Set not a serious answer?

 - now had I suggested the reading of Shakespeare's Othello I can see where such is not serious.

But it wasn't William that had the question

People too lazy to read the Nextion Instruction Set post such questions.


How can one read about setting the baudrate and not see how to set it persistent.

And sorry, the Nextion is a TTL Serial HMI device.

The pandering to stupidity and laziness is driving the quality of Nextion discussions into kinder-garden.

It's 2017 and what a user doesn't know how to use a search bar?

200+ replies for the term baud

Sorry, I indeed expect that users take on their own duty to read.

- to continually type the answers again and again and again is without reason and purpose.


indeed reading a thread before posting a stupid answer is essential ...

Gerry Kropf.

I think you are doing a bad job here in the Forum.

You are a bad teacher. You should learn pedagogy.

Instead of answering you make fun of people!

You would also like to close this thread?


Patrik Martin has made the right answer!

I am not a librarian, I am a user that would also like to work on my projects

 - and I also have to read my own 1748 page MCU manual.

Sorry, but this is not kinder-garden.

Electronics and Programming are prerequisite

This requires people to read for themselves

It is the user that chose their MCU, only 1 of more than 65000 MCUs

   that have either a hardware serial or bitbanging on two digital pins.

It is the user that chose their programming language 1 of over 130.

It is the user that chose their compiler and toolsets

 - some pay $1000's for ARM compilers, others wish for free compilers.

But this is users domain to do for their project, especially commercial.

When there are 200+ threads on baud

  user should be expected to read them and not post again and again.

The forum is getting out of hand by those that make no effort.

 - In the beginning 200 threads, users made contributions

   shared what their projects were about 

   shared tid-bits and techniques

 - The last 1000 threads have been mostly lazy users posting

   - do my code for me

   - debug my 5100 line project for me

   - where is such and such (already posted)

It makes it difficult to locate good contributions and ideas when the

  forum gets flooded within a week for such basic questions

Most should be embarrassed to request something that is clearly

   stated in the Nextion FAQs, Nextion Instruction Set, or another thread

It's 2017, surely the Search bar at the top of every forum thread is known

  - surely users can type in a term and read about without reposting.

  - surely users can read their datasheets.

I think coddling to those that refuse to make an effort is perhaps wrong.

 - why care more about their projects than they do.

The Nextion requires logic to program it,

 - yet the logic being shown when someone can pick between 5 categories

   and posts "fix my code" in wrong category ....

 - well I am sorry, this is below standard.

Logic to read the thread as well

 - too many times, answer is already written in thread

 - users don't bother to read for the answers, just post at end

This is in the wrong manner.

Without such logic, well their project requires logic too

 - and such should be exercised not only in code

Poor projects, doomed to same logic as shown in forum?

You say he does a bad job in the Forum, a bad teacher?

So you haven't seen his tutorials and Nextion advancements?

You haven't seen all the times he answered user questions?

- but when answer is existing in forum already

  then indeed what is user called too lazy or lacking to read.

Judging without knowing how many projects have been saved because of his efforts

Sorry, sometimes truths are not pleasant - but always still truthful.

Suppose to be adults - this isn't a playground

User duties and responsibilities still remain that of the user.

it is already very anoying to deal with users who are even to lazy to read documentations ...

but users, who even refuse read a thread and post with indeed wrong statements are just ignorant and arrogant ...

    - the thread opener was Michiel Reyntjens, he asked a question ...
    - William Mears indeed gave a valid answer ... as well as Patrick and me ...

my job is not to be teacher for ignorant, impertinent, arrogant and lazy users, but to keep our forum clean from such ...