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Build .tft in the same directory as .hmi

Can you make the editor compile the .tft in the same directory as the opened .hmi file? It's a pain! or at least a setting in the .hmi project to set the output directory.

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just one click, and your main TFT folder opens, what can be more easy ... is that really a pain ????


(69.4 KB)
It is a bit :) and would it not just make the ide more complete? It's not major just a nice to have feature that I'm sure would not require much effort to implement.

exactly, "nice to have" ... ;-)

when we finish implement all real important things and we see that at least 500 users vote for such a "nice to have", we can start think about ...

but in any case, for every implementation somebody also must finally pay for ...

I am paying! I bought 3 of the nextion displays already so I have made a small financial contribution and did intend to buy more. Adding small features in between major ones will help build the ide into a great tool that is good for all users beginner to advanced. I will wait and see.

August 2016, we had the buggy and rudimentary version 0.32 ... now, 12 month later we already deal with version 0.47 ... with major enhancements over 0.32 ...

so, the HMI story goes on, but as any company, we don't have unlimited development ressources. And we must find a balance between "nice to haves" and real functional and conceptual enhancements ...

just stay tuned ... we still have nearly 5 month in 2017 ... ;-)

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