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Vertical Lines

Can anybody help with my problem as I am getting nowhere with Tech Support.

I have been using a 7 inch screen for the last 3 months, gradually building the text boxes as the project progresses. I now find that in the editor I get blue verticals lines when I load the image. If I click out side the screen in the screen box the blue lines go away. If I compile and download the image is clear on the 7 inch screen but on power cycle the lines appear as coloured vertical lines.

On testing previous versions with less data it loads every time cleanly.

I have seen when opening an image sometimes I get a quick flash of blue vertical lines.

Tech support seem think its a hardware problem but I cant see how when I get   images in the editor.

Anybody any ideas as I'm stuck with no Tech Support.

Why no tech support?

Resellers are suppose to provide support - they took your money.

Itead ticket support is for Level 2 Hardware issues (for Itead customers)

Coding issue and lack of understanding does not make a Level 2 Hardware issue

Please upload your HMI file so I can tell you how to overcome your issue.

 Please find attached my HMI file

Running V0.47 editor

(1.77 MB)

Repaired HMI removed.

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What Version of the Editor was the HMI originally created with

and what versions of Editor were used


Thank you very much, what was wrong?


Not sure what version was used it was about April / May of this year. The project has been ongoing since then and probably editor updates automatically loaded. Could it be a Version problem?

I have compiled and uploaded ok. Power cycled the screen ok.


corrupted file ... due to whatever reason ...

If it was corrupted how did you fix it? I would like to know in case it happens again

Sorry, closed source.

Magicians never tell how their magic works.

- but I am not sure that the file wasn't intentionally altered.

- last time this was seen, hacking was the probable cause

Hacking is very unlikely.

I do see the blue vertical lines sometimes when I load an image in the editor but only for a split second, then the image comes up perfect.

Thanks for your help if I have problem I'll come back for more magic


not magic, but plain technical support ... ;-)

have fun ...

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