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I need solution for progress bar

I need solution for progress bar

I have a progress bar that overlaps on a value that I want to be visible, but when I put a value in progress bar, the other value disappears, how can I solve the problem?

I have already tried to use color 1555 to be transparent in place but no effect because it has color 1555 instead of transparent.

If using the image with transparency does not become transparent and I have the same problem.

One solution would be all attributes, image, text, number and progress bar to be able to function as layers changing the priorities to show


Another question, I want to receive the arduino a decimal value, what is the best way to do it, I use the text and I get the decimal value without change, or number and I get the integer value separated from the decimal.

Which is more efficient?

I apologize for my English



José Rodrigues

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Thank you staff, keep well for your knowledge, because your life probably depends on it. Furthermore the tomb is there a corner reserved for him. If I knew that it would take this kind of help does not spend a penny to buy this stuff, but everything well at least i will alert other potential buyers not to commit the same mistake.


José Rodrigues

sorry, this is a PUBLIC forum, and no exclusive "we do your code" one ...

and maybe you are not aware, other people also like to enjoy weekend, not only you ...

to be clear, neither we nor others have a need to say "thank you" that you generously allow us to spend our time to help you ...


Warn other users of what?

 - when too lazy to read documentation and specifications that it still will not make a device into something it is not?

 - or when you lack the coding prerequisites and imagination, technology is not yet at a point where it self codes?

 - or $3 profit does indeed not purchase $150/hour development team

 - or when it is your project, others will not take from their summer vacation to do your work for you?

 - or community forums, one must wait for community to assist, and your unknown project is not center of their world?

 - dump request into public forum on Summer Friday - others will choose the beach.

 - when too stupid to use the Search Bar at the top of every forum thread to look for a float solution

   which has been posted in over 50 different threads

Nextion is a TTL Serial 565 Integer HMI device.

 - those that know what that means won't be trying to use an alpha channel.

 - those that sense you make profit from your project, maybe not give their commercial work to you for free.

 - simple text based instruction set

 - simple Send Component ID checkbox and process on MCU in

   a) in one user chosen MCU of 65000 MCU types capable of hardware serial or bit-banging two digital pins

   b) in one user chosen language of 130 programming languages

   c) in one user chosen compiler and tool set

 - this allows an HMI design to be done in hours not weeks and days not months.

So indeed warn users of your arrogance and lack of understanding

Showcase your arrogance demanding unbalanced value for the little you spend

 - especially of a community who made no profit from your purchase,

   that they should give up their weekend and holidays to rush for your need

Showcase this cheapness, it will help them understand your character much better. 

Showcase to them how you lack the required skillsets they need

Showcase how you can't use a search in 2017

Spend $1000 instead for the Samsung HMI

Spend the 3 months to learn their manual and programming procedures

But as for your threats - you are hereby banished from the forum.