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Analog input?

This is actually NOT a feature request, but rather a suggestion for further evolutions:

Actually considering to transform a cheap pizza oven into a reflow oven, I found that an enhanced Nextion HMI could almost be used as an autonomous (without external MCU) controller for it, using the internal RTC for timing and some GPIO pins with added transistor/relay to control the quartz heaters and the ventilator.

But there remains still the problem of temperature control... Although one might do some improvised rough SAR conversion with the help of a PWM signal and an external LPF & comparator, I strongly suspect that the internal MCU of the Nextion has already an integrated 8 or 10bit ADC and that one or two additional pin(s) brought out and a corresponding read function added to the firmware might perhaps make the Nextion HMIs still more appealing since it would increase the number of MCU-less use cases...

Oh why oh why.

Pizza oven for Pizza.  Then you gonna have to order your pizza out. =)

PIC 12F683 ...

    - 20 cent cost

    - 4 8bit hardware ADC

    - 8 mhz internal RC

    - nanoWatt technology

    - runs from 2.3V up to 5.5V

    - no external parts needed to run

    - free compilers available

    - can interact directly with NE displays

I don't think that you can get things done more cheap ....

Just to say, I did it in 2009 , my refusion oven work well with a cheap  oven with air flow (120€)
I did an article in Elektor about it in 2012 (French and German version)
I used a 128 x 64 display and,  IT  IS IMPORTANT, an thermocouple sensor for T°

Nextion HMI <> Arduino or similar ...

and it never will became ... if you need adc, just use your mcu for and good ...

in every case you need external mcu logic, a Nextion HMI can't even drive your oven electric directly ...

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