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hello! i need help! I want to make a calculator. Please write sketches for Arduino+Nextion NX8048T070_11

class project?

This forums are there to help developers and engineers or hobbyists with similar knowledge with specific Nextion display issues. It's not about writing beginner level code for other people who are too lazy to learn coding and to read documentation...

A first approach could be studying the following project and consecutively replace the 1602 LCD and the Keypad by Nextion HMI functionality:

Unfortunately, I do not have time to study this issue


Dear Patrick Martin, and what are the classes of projects?


sorry, you don't like to spend your time, but you expect that others spend their time for you?

mmmmmmmhhhhhhhhh are you seriouse?

Ok, let's try a different approach: Denis, you send me the required specifications of your project, including a complete function list of the desired calculator (scientific? financial?), the desired display modes (FIX?, SCI?, ENG?), the needed precision and accuracy, the input algorithm (linear?, RPN?), etc. and I will estimate the needed time in working hours, and multiply it with my hourly fee. You decide if you want me to write everything for you and you pay an advance of 50% of that amount. After reception, I will start coding. :-) 


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