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Incoming UART


I'm new on Nextion display. I made a new project to communicate with my RPi. It's working fine with python code. My question is, while Rpi is booting, can i make a waiting display on Nextion? I suppose i need to make a page0. Then, when my python run on RPi send a command to nextion, to change to page1 (this is a interactive page, page 0, only is an image "Waiting for boot").

I don't know how to read serial in my project of Nextion Editor, can somebody help me?

Sorry my english...


you don't need to read any, your RPI just issue directly the page command after booting ...


I don't understand what are you meaning. When I plug my Rpi, Nextion displays shows the main page instantly, but my code is not running yet. I must wait about 1 minut to start my python and comunicate with my Nextion display. How can I send from python to change page when starts running?

The documentation says clearly that you have simply to send the "page 1" command plus the 3 termination bytes over serial from the RPi/Python after booting is complete and your code is running:


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