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LCD display

Dear Sirs,
a simple test on 7-inch enhanced and capacitance screen from your studio. generally, check one instruction...VIS. see on that simple soft.  button m2 - open screen (working not good!) and button m3 - cover the screen (working nice).
where is a mistake? I think in hardware.... I do not use any "slide screen" instruction. I know....this is a gadget for me but I want to know why? for simple things ...does not matter, but sometimes for our clients' gadgets on the screen are very important.

Slawek Kupis.

BTW.... yours screen with that editor this is a very good job. I lack alpha channel only and few simple other things. Thank you

(10.6 MB)

First, I wouldn't recommend stacking of objects,

  yet indeed there are those that prefer to try layering

The compile process clearly gives warnings to component overlapping

vis show will bring a component to the front

From my understanding

 - two three four buttons stacked on top of each other

the vis command show - brings this component to the forefront

 - if vis button 2 show - then button 2 occupies the space to receive touch

 - if then vis button 4 show - then button 4 occupies the space to receive touch

 - and then if vis button 3 show - then button 3 occupies the space to receive touch


  - if using full screen sized pictures,

    bringing such full screen size picture foreward now covers such a hotspot

 - the picture last given vis show now occupies the space to receive touch and

   it will be this pictures touch press and touch release events active and not hotspot.

The debugger does misbehave and shows the effect wrongly

  - but indeed the purpose of the debugger is to catch syntax errors and not semantical errors or intention of what proper code might be or should have been.

It is good to see a creative attempt made - but the manner to reach result is perhaps wrong.

many mistakes ... :-)

when you use the vis command, the used object does not only became visible, it also moves to the foreground and hides all behind ... including all your hotspots ...

TOUNA - TouchOnceUseNeverAgain


the buttons do not matter in that sample test frame. two buttons for demo only, for starting effect.
it's one instruction only - VIS- (delay for better watching).
My question is why for one state pictures sliding but for other state, pictures look properly.


 read my answer ... you COVER your hotspots, after the first run your pictures COVER all ... your action will only run ONCE and never again ...

The effect can indeed be had without error

 - it is your implementation causing the error.

 - explained why above.

Lack of understanding does not make a Level 2 Hardware issue.

Find below the desired effect - working TFT file has been zipped.

Edited: even improved and working

  - blind can't reopen when already open or reclose when already closed

(1.55 MB)
Gentlemen ... thank you for the explanations and examples.
Regards :-)



PS.  should never vis the page itself

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