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Model does not match

I have tried the various solutions for this problem and none of them have worked for me. Tried uploading a blank project, tried displaying the baud rate (it shows 9600), tried updating the baud rate to 115200, but it still shows 9600. I am using a NX3224K024_011 board (at least that is what is printed on the back), but I always get Model does not match, then Device Model NX3224K024_011R. I have also tried using a class 10 SD card on the back of the display and still get the same response.

Sorry for the duplicate post. I'm new to this forum


are you seriouse?

    - you are still using Editor V0.42, we now have already verson 0.47 available ...

    - you compiled your TFT for a NX3224T024_011 type display, that's NOT your used K display ...


install the latest Editor, choose the RIGHT display, and your upload will work ...

(215 KB)

Your TFT is no blank compiled project! 


Thanks your suggestion worked.


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