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System Variables and Arduino_Nextion library

Can i change a dim via ITEADLIB_Arduino_Nextion library?


   Any Nextion Instruction that is not block in nature (if, while, for)

How can i do that? I have not found manual or example.

Is the latest version Nextion Editor installed? (v0.47, also works before)

yes, 0.47

Help menuitem of Help Menu

 - all of the most important links are linked to here

 - follow links and read for Manuals and Examples.

 - launches in external web browser

Instructions Tab

 - launches the same in Internal Editor Frame

Search Bar at top of every forum page?

 - it indeed works.

Iteadlib Arduino Nextion Library

   if you installed correct in your IDE

    - now has all files in your computer locally

   *.h files contain function prototype definitions

   *.cpp files contain functions implementation code

   example folders contain HMI and matching ino files

not finding the sendCommand() function is not looking.

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