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"bkcmd=1 page 0 " Error

Hi, Arduino programm is showing this message:  "bkcmd=1 page 0" error, when I press Serial Monitor (after I have Verify the code) and Nextion display restarts without working any module that I have connected to arduino...
In page 0 I have only background image, timer and scrolling text, nothing else! The last 3 days it showing up this error message and I have not change anything! What can I do?

retReceiveCommandFinished is not an error it is a status.

- for the status to be err on both bkcmd=1 and page 0 

  indicates you have not established a serial connection

For the Nextion display to restart on its own

  - indicator of insufficient power supply

Such is warned about most visually in the Datasheet

See Arduino for how to establish TTL Serial connection

See Nextion FAQs

See Nextion Model Datasheet

Search Bar at top of page - answer has been

But halt until you have worked it out

 - such can damage your Nextion as warned in most visual of manners.


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