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nextion editor, without touching and timer, how can i change values of numbers?

Hi guys, 

I'm trying to change number values witout touching or using timer. I can't use timer because when i use it, Nextion doesn't keep values in mind. So I need something else. 

Thanks for help.


1) Assignment sent via MCU

2) Assignment made in page events

Assumption is wrong about timer

 - Nextion can indeed keep values

If touch or time is not what triggers the event

 - then what is suppose to trigger to make changes

i am using stm32f103 and i am sending some values like b5.val=55 

i want to change pages if coming value change for example b5.val=55 becomes b5.val=65 

1) Serial caused

2) Page loading caused

3) Timer caused 

4) Touch caused 

5) GPIO caused

6) Slider Moved caused (but to move requires a touch)

7) Code caused (but will involve 1 of the above)

timer ...

then STM32F103 already knows what b5.val is to be before sent to Nextion

why not send b5.val=65ÿÿÿ and then send page 3ÿÿÿ from MCU?

MCU is suppose to be in control, no?

I am sending b0.val=55ÿÿÿ but i dont know how can i send page number from stm32f103 ? Am I gonna use page name ?

It is perhaps little value to have Nextion change pages without

  the MCU also reacting and setup for the same new page

ie: once page changes b5.val is no longer existent.

Using sendme in the new page will then inform MCU that the

page has changed, so MCU will react and make MCU side page change

 - but why use a flurry over serial when all started at MCU?

Nextion Instruction Set for the page command

 - can be pagename - and now have string complexity

 - can be page number - and not have string complexity

Also, since you designed the HMI

  - you specifically know all from the HMI side

As the programmer of the MCU side

  - you already are advantaged of the HMI side knowledge.

So the number of the page in the HMI page ordering is known

For example in this HMI file how can i change pages if b5.val changes? 


10MB ... 

  I'll ask rather than download

Where is the source of the values being dumped into b5.val?

b5.val is a number and every page have b5.val which is all number. 

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