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simple text command

at the moment i can print text to the screen with 

xstr 0,0,100,30,1,RED,BLACK,1,1,1,"China"

in this command i must know the size of the text (width and height) so i can give the right values for the box.

Is there, now or in the future, some simple text command like:

str 0,0,RED,BLACK,"China"


str 0,0,RED,"China"

    - you know the length of the string, strlen command

    - you know your font, the character width and the character height

    - what's more easy than calculate the dimensions ....

    - xstr 0,0,stringlength*fontwidth+border, .........

the reason for all the options in xstr is to handle the possibilities

Such str command would have evolved between v0.09 to v0.47

Your simplified str x,y,color,text

 - doesn't state or handle left aligned, centered, right aligned (for number values)

 - doesn't state or handle which font of the 22 fonts contained in project to use

 - doesn't state or handle top aligned, centered, bottom aligned (for multiline)

 - doesn't state or handle styles - image, cropped, solid colors or none

 - doesn't state height or width of text being generated (to crop at limit else overflows)

   etc, etc

It is exactly because of these possibilities the other parameters exist

When such a str command could be made

 - it is under two weeks another says it doesn't handle alignments

 - and another says it doesn't handle backgrounds

 - and another says it doesn't handle multilined

 - and another states it doesn't handle ....

So in only a few weeks such str will be an xstr.once again.

What you suggest for a single user's purpose can be done in code.

 - when you know parameter 2 is desired to be ### - store in variable

 - when you know parameter 3 is desired to be ### - store in variable


with such stored parameters can be filled by variables

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