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An Arduino MCU sends a command to a Button change collor on Nextion

Hello friends,
I need an example application for when activating a digital output in Arduino UNO that sends a command to Nextion to change the color of a simple button.
Thank You.

Sorry, you ask in the wrong manner

 - but perhaps wait and see, maybe someone with do for you..

More clean,
How to activate an simple Button on Nextion from Arduino digital Output?


Iteadlib CompButton example.

Dear Patrick,
In the example "Iteadlib CompButton" the Button Text is changed.
I need to change the Button Status, using: Background fill: 0-crop image; 1-solid color; 2-image
I need to send the command from an Arduino digital output.
Thanks for the help.


Nextion FAQs  4.1.19

Those attributes in green color can be edited by instructions. 

.sta is not green.  .sta field can not be changed from Arduino code.

Please refer to the Nextion FAQs and Nextion Editor Guide.

Thank You Patrick.


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