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Wire Nextion screen

 So much information on this lil thing but nothing on wiring

I read on page that it can be used as stand alone TFT. And thats just what i need.. But no where i find information on how its done. My question

How do i connect video feed to nextion screen. Just simple rca yellow ( so feed and ground) To i just wire thse to Rx and TC respectively? Or do i need to do something else?

And will screen then just accept input without own flash memory stuff getting in the way?

I like the size of the screen, thats why i need it. But i really just need the screen :)

please advise. Thank you

Short answer no.

Nextion is an HMI device and not a primary display.

- as such multimedia is not suited to it.

Nextion uses TTL Serial

- RX / TX is for communications over a UART from MCU

- See the Nextion Instruction Set.

Electronic and Programming are Prerequisite

You need a plain TFT, not a Nextion

See Nextion FAQs on wiring.

There are lots of lcd screens with composite (FBAS) input on eBay ans AliExpress.

But the Nextion HMI is not made for that. As the name (Human-Machine-Interface) states, it is a front-end for microprocessor controlled devices and communicates with the latter via a serial data port.

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