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Nextion HMI consultant needed


I need help with complete solution.
I am building small table top water filtering system.
Inside of this system is a DC 12V pump and motor.
I want to incorporate finger touch screen to be able to start this motor from the touch screen. Also i need someone to help me to design of 4-5 pages for this screen. All functions will start the same motor, just with different time of operation.
I am willing to pay extra for this consulting service. After  i build first prototype, we will order in quantities.
Best Regards,
Roman Gordon
Los Angeles 

I need complete solution. Help me to select screen, plc and whatever needed to start this motor.
Also design software 4-5 simple pages to start this motor.
Will pay for consulting and design.
email to me at:


@Roman101: You have email from France 

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