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Round slider

Hello everybody,

Is it possible to use round shape slider instead of linear one? If yes, then how to do that?

possible, yes and no.

yes, it has indeed been done

and no, indeed crafty code is required.

Can you give some example?

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Well, back during the Stump the Chump Challenge we were presented with

trying to make a slider in Nextion Logic as such as shown.


So on the principles of both horizontal and vertical with curve,

I presented the logarithmic slider as a solution


Now I would be fairly certain that even something like a wave could be done such as


But the bigger question would be why?
 - since in Human Machine Interfacing, such a slider would be used for .. ?? 

Gerry Kropf has indeed mastered the sliders ... his story if he likes to tell it


something like this? 

sorry, but sources are not available for public ...

anyway, this is no Feature Request, all can already be done by user code ...


Well, I would like to do light controller using round slider for dimming/colour changing. It is ashame that I will have to do it in another way :(

ashaming? ... that's what we normally call coding ... 

Ashame because it is not very easy. Can you give me a tip how to do that and in which IDE it will be possible?
how hard or how easy is always in direct relation to your own skills ...

programms for Nexion HMI Displays are done using the Nextion Editor with Nextion logic ...

Current version 0.47 ...


all other is up to you ...

OK, I will look closer to Nextion Editor then. I didn't know that is possible to do this with this software. Thank you for answers.

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