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echo Alexa, two Sonof switches one command

hi, I would like to add a second Sonof wifi Smart switch to use the same "Alexa, lights on" command. I have one switch working it switches on a lamp at one end of the room and would now like to add a second Switch to turn on another lamp at other end of the room. I don't want to say "Alexa, light 1 on" and then have to say "Alexa, light 2 on". Can I rename two different switches with same name 'lights'? When I say "Alexa, lights on" the two separate Smart switches will be activated. I guess it can be done if the second switch is added to the network while the first one is disconnected from power supply? Will there be an ID clash (the switches have different codes) but I rename them both with same name 'lights'. Thanks
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