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Direct serial command



Não consigo obter nenhum comando no serial.

Como por exemplo, não consigo mandar o comando por serial t0.txt = "12" para mudar um texto escrevendo o número 12.

Alguém pode ajudar?

please post in english ...

Hello,   I can not get any commands on the serial. As for example, I can not send the command by serial t0.txt = "12" to change a text by writing the number 12. Can anyone help?
sorry, but too less information for a seriouse help ...

    - which MCU
    - which Nextion
    - how powered
    - how wired together
    - which programming language
    - which librarys
    - version of librarys
    - ...
    - ...


yours is just like go to a restaurant and tell the waiter "I am hungry, help"   :-)

Sorry not a feature request by a coding question that belongs in Free Chat
But already written about too many times in Free Chat

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