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2.8" display and Arduino Uno

I've done a lot of reading about what to do with the Library for the Uno, but I'm having little success. I have a 2.8" display.

Like others, I've modified the library per instructions, but that only seems to make things worse.

I think what I need is some direction to the latest and most up to date library modification, maybe I'm doing something I don't need to do.

I have also tried the Dan Nixon library without success.

Last night I erased everything in my laptop, so today I will start fresh again, all new Nextion editor, Arduino IDE and library.

I appologise ahead for repeating a subject. Thank you

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Why repeat the same question over and over?

Seems to type out the solution again and again is futile

 - if no one reads and follows the solution, why retype it?

The ITEADLIB Arduino-Nextion Library is clear

 - UNO supported, follow directions in

 - all code is provided and can be reviewed

 - only NexConfig.h requires modification to get started

Choose the Experimental Library 0.9.0 over the Stable 0.7.0

 - 0.7.0 is extremely dated and lacks current functionality

Anything other than the initial setup requires understanding

  - of Nextion, read forum threads and Nextion Instruction Set

  - of your chosen MCU (with only one Serial) see MCU doc

  - of your chosen compiler/language - see docs/forums

  - of the ITEADLIB, see code and included examples in example folder.

Perhaps most confusion codes from multiple libs installed

 - your fresh start should allow for things to be less foggy.

You have handicapped yourself from the start with only one Serial MCU

One Serial doesn't allow for both Nextion AND Serial Monitor

  - that would require a two or more Serial MCU

     - one Serial for Nextion (nexSerial)

     - one for Serial Monitor (dbSerial)

So to write with less debugging capabilities to print to Serial Monitor

    you must be even more strong in your Arduino coding abilities.

UNO is more than capable to handle with Nextion on only Serial

Rereading the Nextion Instruction Set to ensure full understanding

  also use Search bar above to Search for Nextion understandings

Review again the Iteadlib Arduino-Nextion Code files

  - there are few functions in a class structure

Examples in example folder follow a clear repetitive pattern

Stick with the repetitive pattern, you will surely gain success

 - deviate without understanding, less success, more struggles.

UNO is also limited in space and SRAM

  - so indeed code efficiently if your project is moderate

If your project is large then fitting 5 Gallons in 2 litres is most difficult.

If your project is small, UNO will indeed work well.

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