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Resistive vs Capacitive


Sorry, just what is the difference between Resistive and Capacitive screen.

I mean which one better for my application.


because you didn't state any about your application, nothing to tell ...

NX8048K070_011C with enclosure   $108.00

NX8048K070_011R with enclosure   $  88.00

NX8048K070_011R w/out enclosure $  81.90

NX8048T070_011R w/out enclosure $  74.90

Difference is between $20 to $33.10 USD

* prices are subject to change.

Resistive can process only one touch at a time,

  - component pressed must be released before next pressed

Capacitive can process up to 5 pressed at the same time

  - eventually, most or all will be released, well usually.

Resistive can fail requirements where Capacitive will succeed.

Capacitive can fail requirements where Resistive will succeed.

fortune telling ...

the only person who can tell if above may have impact to your project is you ...

because we don't know any about your project ...

 Just in the picture I see that in resistive using pen, when in capacitive using finger so I was confused... Sorry I didn't provide details for my project. I want to build like home automation application with arduino mega + touch screen. Thinking about 7" display where all settings and control and some information must to be on touch screen so it's not comfortable touchpen... I preffer using fingers. Just cann't find out which version better for me.



RTP can also be touched with your finger ... even wearing gloves ...


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