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Introducing I casa

Introducing icasa ,

Complete home control solution  with nextion , (hybrid Arduino) MCU , ESP , Network communication , Mobile app 

You can take over the control of the house from remote location , or using voice commands, using the Nextion HMI etc. .

A complete solution 

Coming soon..... 


What security features does this complete solution implement/deploy?

are you asking in terms if HMI , the a screen lock feature is designed but not yet implemented , so basic screen lock with pin or pass code. which can be chosen upon first installation , that will be stored in MCU  , The MCU communicates with server periodically  to check for new instructions , the server do not send data . there is no push to mcu 

App is perfectly secured with google securities and app can be regiterd to your name with your Gmail account , as long as that is not hacked you are safe :) 


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