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Nextion 7"

Hello, I told you that I measured the voltage on the pins TX and RX with respect to gnd and resulted 3.3 v. My question is if this value is correct since the power of the screen is 5v. Also doing the same test with pins TX and RX of the microcontroller the voltage value is above 4.3 v. Is the display working properly? 

Who knows if the 4.3V is a correct value, no value is correct.

3.3V?  Ahh the magic of Voltage Regulators ....

   such can be used to prevent other components from frying.

One should not be measuring across TX to RX

 - So put another $120 in the jar to buy a new one when your

experiments will eventually cause the death of this one.

So electronics knowledge is prerequisite.

 - such electronic devices may not be so forgiving.

Nextion is closed source, like an Apple iPhone, not all is told.

What is publically available is in the Data Sheet for your model.

Which model is that?

   there are infact three 7.0" versions.

  • 7.0" T Series Basic model
  • 7.0" K Series Enhanced Resistive model
  • 7.0" K Series Enhanced Capacitive multi-touch model
So when one wants to know electrical characteristics
  - the corresponding Datasheet tells what is public.

I''ll take a break while you read.
   If you have further questions, we can discuss

This is the model NX8048T070. No information about uart working voltage levels. Should be 5v since the power is 5v?

There is info about this, written in black and white.


Voltage is something that if not correct can kill your electronics.

There is a lower limit and a higher limit, and a typical

This is NEVER "oh I guess might be X.XV"

Guesses can, and will, kill your electronic devices

Always look up what the limits and tolerances are


  you MAY be lucky enough to see the Magic white smoke

  (but usually such smoke happens so quick you only smell it after)

But this is not the place for electronics classes.

  as told earlier - electronics knowledge is prerequisite.

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