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Nextion with Arduino Uno is not working

Hi, I am new here and got basic 2,4 inch Nextion display, I am trying to make it communicates with Arduino Uno. I setup my Uno with SoftwareSerial and did everything as is written here. After all it's not working and in serial monitor I get this error:


recvRetCommandFinished err

recvRetCommandFinished err

setup done


When I press and release button, the TX LED blinks and right after it RX LED too, but it does nothing with number in Nextion and I get this in serial monitor:  




recvRetCommandFinished err

b1PopCallback - -1


I was looking for solution everywhere, but I counldn't find anything working.

Nextion's RX is plugged in TX on board and TX is plugged in RX on a board, Nextion is powered powered and grounded though by Uno board. 

Where's the problem, can anybody help me please? I tried it with Arduino Nano too, but there were same errors. 

INO and HMI files are attached with this post. 

(3.08 KB)
(9.11 KB)
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Review the library code.


  recvReturnCommandFinished is a status not error.

  - it informs you if your last command went through.

Indeed as these two occur before "setup done"

 - indicates that nexSerial communication has not been established

How to set up for UNO is in file of the library.

but the library is made for hardware Serial and not SoftwareSerial

- this remains a user choice, but if deviating from the intended

  you should be strong enough in coding and MCU hardware

  knowledge before venturing off on your own.  Examples will not

  work with unintended and unknown alterations, breaking them.

Venturing off on your own is well, ... is more on your own ... no?

Try Searching for Uno to find relevant threads

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