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Display is flickering

I have a NX4024T032_011 nextion but I can get it working stable.

I am using the 4pin plug on the microUSB module powering from my PC (4,956V) or the charger from my Galaxy S7 (4,926V) measured at the 3.3V voltage regulator on the board.

The board itself gets 3.309V.

When the display is bright, I can make it flicker if I push at the bottom right (where the 4 leads connector goes into the display).

Any ideas or suggestions how to make it stable?

(10.6 MB)

use a better power source, which can deliver enough current according to the datasheet ...

A better power source then 4,956V? That's only 0,88% mistake and both sources (USB Plug and the 5V, 2A phone charger) matching the given recommendations on the datasheet (which is 500mA). If you have a better power source, I'm all ears... Besides that I don't think it might be a power source issue, this doesn't explain that the display gets more unstable if I push at the right bottom corner. :(

not everything written on a label is also true in reality ... I don't care about the Voltage, I care more for the Current ...

the more things are active and used, the more current is also pulled ...

may I ask, where did you buy your display from?

For all of you that get also supposed to be a fool and have the same problem:
It's a 100%ig clear hardware issue.

It looks like there is no QC from ITEAD and users are the ones that "produces the errors" instead of really thinking that they did something wrong.

Just to report back:
The voltage is spot on at the module. If the current might be that huge problem then the voltage drop at the wires would also be relevant (and its not). If the current were a problem then the only source of the low current could be the provided "power module" (the microsUSB to 2.54mm Male Header module) or the provided cables from this module to the display.
Because my Samsung Galaxy S7 is using 1,5A at charge - and of course, the charger and its cable is capable to draw this current (otherwise the phone wouldnt charge).
By the way: The module itself takes 120mA measured by my multimeter and the bench power supply.
So OF COURSE the PC USB has more then sufficient current draw capabilitys.

Either the people here have the optionon that every consumer is dump as a bread (like "my printer doesnt work" - have you checked it its turned on and you feed paper to it?) or they are just bugged because of too many stupid questions.

To make it clear: Mine was a 100% production error.
I disassabled the display, found the error and fixed it!

Sad that they sell something like this and even more I didnt get help and I was taken for a fool.
I uplad a video for other "fools" to fix the production errors by ITEAD itself....
First is showing the error. If I push at the bottom the backlight turns fully on.
Its one or both of the bottom connections that are not properly soldered.

2nd video show the functionallity AFTER I fixed it.
3rd video shows the assembled display fully working after my fix.

Might be my first and last display from this company.

you tell a lot, but you even didn't tell from where you bought ... not every "Nextion" out is also bought from Itead, sorry.

and only assuming, that you bught from ebay or any other such source, it is out of our control what they really sell. Maybe a refurbished for new, maybe a warranty return ...

That's why I simply asked for this, but you even didn't tell, instead you start blame Itead directly for a lack of QA.

So again my question, where did you buy your display from?

    - directly from Itead via our webshop ...

    - from a valid and registered reseller ...

    - from any other not authorized source like eBay ...

Either the people here have the optionon that every consumer is dump as a bread (like "my printer doesnt work" - have you checked it its turned on and you feed paper to it?) or they are just bugged because of too many stupid questions.

Are you a child?   You will indeed face much of such in life.
When you do not provide sufficient information in postings
   then of course more questions will be asked. 
Such is called troubleshooting.

You think someone 1/2 way around the world over Internet
is psychic and now knows all that occurred as you type?

And indeed, 80% of most user puzzling moments is the result of

having overlooked the most basic of steps.  So yes, even what

seems to be the most basic of questions will be asked indeed.

Afterwards you want to post as if all high and mighty

 - but all others that follow will indeed see 1.5A not posted above it.

Seriously, what little details you didn't post is indeed important

  "assuming others are psychic only makes an ass of u "ass-u-ming"

To make it clear: Mine was a 100% production error.

I disassabled [sic] the display, found the error and fixed it!

And again, your rant is based on an assumption ...

  at least when you do not tell, the rest of world is not psychic.

But this is indeed why you were asked where you bought from ...

You could be holding a refurbished unit - yes, some refurbish them

  - when user caused error does not meet manufacturer's warranty

there is indeed some value to hope refurbishment brings new life

  - but such usually comes with other parts stressed and problems.

Is it possible this could be our display bought new from us ... sure.

But that is only an assumption at this time as you have not told,

and I will surely not be making an ass of myself.

So when all is told as the order of questions are asked and answered

  and it is determined to be actually ours, and not someone else

  and it is determined to be manufacturer's fault, and not users error

Then and only can we honour manufacturer's warranty against workmanship

So indeed - all starts with the series of questions from basic to more detailed

  standard operating procedures ad best practices called troubleshooting.

But hey, you now have a REFURBISHED unit.

So if all others reading this hereafter want to know about

 - reading the Nextion FAQs is a good source of information to read

Section 2.5 in particular ... and Andi did not open such a ticket.

So why not?  if it was a legitimate claim, go through proper channels.

When it is legitimate, then there is nothing to fear to do so

Sure, the series of questions will be asked and need to be answered

  - basic procedures that determine legitimacy, but

  - also improve overall quality to narrow down cause and fix.

Going in a manner Andi took to self-refurbish in unauthorized method?

  - well no longer manufacturers issue, he now has a REFURBISHED.

Patrick you can tell that I not mention the current my power sources can draw before BUT everyone knows how much current a standard USB port can draw and of course you can see on 3sec googleing what the original Samsungs Galaxy S7 charger is capable of...

So yes you can say that I did not tell the current as digits... but its clearly visible for everyone that I told you on post #1 what my power sources are.

And by the way: the 1.5A is only the current I measured my phone is using while charing.

The charger itself is still possible to give 2amps

The given answer is just the very very basic answer what can cause such a problem - and if it waw as simple as this I wouldnt post here and ask for help.

To help both of you trying your tears, I bought my display from Aliexpress - Surenoo Store.

And yes: I did not open a ticket.

I asked here for possible reasons for this flickering and the 3 anwers I got was "power source" and "read the datasheet".

It was a great help.

I dont want to struggle around another 3 or more weeks for this display to be replaced, repaired or whatever.

I just want to make it work fast.

And I might have now a REFUBISHED one.

But I also have now a WORKING display.

Something the manufacturer was not able to privide me.

Still: There is no sufficient quality check on this display or their distributors sells crap - no matter what but the display DID NOT work... as shiny and bright new... crap.

The refubished (repaired) "bad onw" one does NOW.

The reason I didnt told the buying source was just because I overread it and focused on the important part: how to fix it.

Because every other customer is only interessted in HOW TO FIX IT and not where I bought it from.

But really funny you both get stuck and that "important" part and not on solving the problem.

Keep beeing like this and you will not get any long time customer...

Not Psychic here.  Power source current is NOT stated, again assumed.

  - standard USB can deliver 0.5A,

    and already a cheap USB cable from the Dollar General can reduce.

Can I google a Samsung Galaxy S7 charger and look up it datasheet?

   - sure I can google it

     and already cheap aftermarket replacement charger is not the same.

     again, no one is psychic.

Let's deal with the googling.

   I am not your librarian, so I don't do googling for others

   I don't make coffee, don't do floors or windows.

   So when you present your issue, provide the information

I can go about my day without worry, I don't have issue with my Nextions

  - you however are seeking help for yours

  - don't make those who might attempt to help have to do work just to help.

This is just in the wrong manner.

I am sorry you bought at Aliexpress.  Opening a ticket here would not have helped.

  - buying from Itead's website direct not only saves cash in most cases

    but then we know what we sell and deliver is not refurbished.

But It is also not the duty of the Manufacturer to care for the business of others.

Indeed they are legal entities of their own, with their own responsibilities.

We indeed do not know what such a store not under our daily control does.

  - when you now send your faulty display back do they again sell to another user?

  - and although this is not by any means a manner of what we would prefer to see

    it does indeed happen, and their legal responsibilities are their own.

    It is less forbidden by law for them to do so.

So you started off in the manner blaming the manufacturer for a lack of QC

 - again, such is an assumption.  And assuming only ... yeah you get it.

 - but the reality of buying from resellers other than

      manufacturer direct, or authorized distributors

   such can indeed be refurbished - beyond manufacturer's control.

And again with the blame.  

   Something the manufacturer was not able to privide [sic] me

The manufacture can indeed provide for

  - one only needs to buy "from" the Manufacturer

Does Itead favour its own customers when it comes to support?

Indeed we do, as it is the sellers responsibility to look after their own customers when they like to make the money for the sales, then they also have the responsibility to service their own customers.  Indeed the forum is Itead provided community support, not ebay user372 support or Aliexpress support, or TJC support.

Again for all those that read hereinafter

When you make a purchase from any seller

   -  when your product has an issue you deal with

      the seller who made the money from the sale

  for this the consumer laws allow dispute between buyer and seller.

Blaming another party for the mistakes of another is not the right manner

     and one has to question why the "normal course" of action was again

     not followed - as in to contact your seller.  Shows you have much to learn in life.

Itead is not responsible for the actions of your ebay/Aliexpress seller,

    especially when they are not an Authorized Distributor of Itead.

IF Itead was your seller, it would have been replaced when Manufacturing fault.

Such is not a ridiculous concept, but such practises occur around the world.

And for sure, investigation occurs first, questions that must be answered.

But what is sold in Itead Nextion boxes from has indeed gone

through Quality Control and we stand behind manufacturer warranty in the

odd event of somehow such was an issue in manufacturing workmanship.

We still can not control a gray market of those who would rummage trash

for those that dig for those that failed QC.  I can't tell you if what you have

is legit ours or not, may counterfeit sold to you.  Perhaps sold on Aliexpress.

There is no way to know for sure what you purchased.

Morale of the story:

 1) When purchasing, usually best price from

 2) Strong support when legal entity that sold to you is indeed us.  Itead.

 3) Purchase from some other seller, deal direct with your seller.

      - for this the consumer laws provide for buyer-seller disputes

 4) When investigation discovers such is manufacturing error and not user

      then mechanism of manufacturer's warranty kicks in

 5) Such result is usually the free replacement of the product.

 6) Such $0.30 savings from unknown may have other reasons, why risk it?

 7) Authorized Distributors are even listed publically

 8) Unauthorized Self-Refurbishing on your own kills any warranty, without need.

 9) Warranty, Buyer-Seller Disputes, Responsibilities of Legal Entity ...

      these are not some new age shit invented yesterday, but are age old

      world wide standard practises in almost every country around the world.

10) Take a moment to read the FAQs - they can enrich you understandings

      and make Nextion pleasant to use.

for the record

    - when buy from Itead, you get from Itead with all consequences ...
    - when buy from ABC, you get from ABC with all consequences ...

where you finally buy from, that's your decision, but also your risk, don't blame the wrong ...


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