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Convert decimals number

I would need to convert a decimal number that is calculated by Arduino (eg 1,1234) on the display ... i only get the number 1 without the values after the dot ...


I tried and tried but I can not do it ...

Kindly can you help me?


Thank you all for the help ...

The solution to the "problem":

myNextion.setComponentText ("MainPage.t1", String (number, 3));

Where  ,3 indicates the digits after zero

just multiply with

    - 10 for one decimal

    - 100 for two decimals

    - 1000 for three decimals

    - 10000 for four decimals

Hi Gerry,

Thanks a lot for the answer...

So if I understand well I have to do:


number=number*10000  //for 4 decimals


1.12345 * 10000 =11234.5 as float and 11234 as integer

and we know, from 11234 the most right 4 numbers are always the decimal part ...

Okay, tonight I try and let you know ...

thank you so much

You might also use the sprintf() function in C/C++ to convert whatever decimal (or binary or hex) number into a formatted text string with a defined number of decimals and even optional left padding. Then, you might send that text string from your MCU to the Nextion.

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