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shortage of arduino dynamic memory

hello i am developing control panel system and as have many button and numbers so those declaration have consumed my most of arduino dynamic memory can you help me how i can reduce it

(17.7 KB)

Arduino code without the HMI design file

 - in order for someone to attempt to look at and dig in

   they would indeed require the HMI

Also such details as WHAT MCU is used.

 - running out of resources on a PIC 12F683

   is much different that running out on a ESP32

Such can be done, but indeed paid for to debug such.

If you are serious for, let me know.

sorry for my late reply, i have attached both hmi and arduino file

(20.4 KB)
(3.98 MB)

what MCU are you using?

arduino mega

I am really badly stuck with the dynamic space please help me out 

24 hours ago I pointed out this would cost if serious.

Just checking that you read that part

   and to give you time to decide if you are "serious"

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