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List of CE certified devices

If you actually want to equip something a bit more serious with sonoff, you will probably need CE certification for insurance purposes. What is the current list of certified devices? I found certificates for

- TH10 / TH16



Is there anything else? I would be particularly interested in the Touch / T1-3 line of devices.

- 4CH


- G1

Hi - I'm also keen on things like the Basic and Slampher - but can only find the the ones Andres has listed.

- T1 ca. 9. 2017 (email 28.7.2017: "We are test the touch switch and we will get the CE within 1-2 month, we will send it to you once we passed." 31.7.2017: "T1 with UK, US, EN standard will be get the CE in future.")


is there already CE for the EU touch? 

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