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List of CE certified devices

If you actually want to equip something a bit more serious with sonoff, you will probably need CE certification for insurance purposes. What is the current list of certified devices? I found certificates for

- TH10 / TH16



Is there anything else? I would be particularly interested in the Touch / T1-3 line of devices.

- 4CH


- G1

Hi - I'm also keen on things like the Basic and Slampher - but can only find the the ones Andres has listed.

- T1 ca. 9. 2017 (email 28.7.2017: "We are test the touch switch and we will get the CE within 1-2 month, we will send it to you once we passed." 31.7.2017: "T1 with UK, US, EN standard will be get the CE in future.")


is there already CE for the EU touch? 

I submitted a ticket, and was rewarded with all of the attached.

The CE mark approval is part of the RED cert


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The Sonoff touch? Is there something going on there?

Ask them in a ticket, and they will respond within a few days. Upload the results here.

They should have one central place for ALL certifications.

I asked for certain test the other day, and got different ones

Is the Basic CE approved for EU?

You need  to get the EU Certification of Conformity among other certifications in order to sell such product in the EU market. This can only be done by ITEAD, which is the manufacturer of the products. 

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